Adoption is a beautiful process of building a family through, dedicated, enduring love. FSC believes in nurturing families as a unit and has been placing children in adoption since 1962. Adoption is a life-changing journey for both, the parent and the child being adopted. It brings immense happiness in the lives of the families who are welcoming a little one home. Many individuals, couples, and families consider adoption because they are struggling with infertility, or choose adoption as a beautiful way of creating their family. Whatever the reason, the child being adopted will benefit from a loving home in deeply profound ways and the couple / individuals get a child on whom they can shower all their love.
FSC is one of the pioneer adoption agencies in Mumbai. It is also a forerunner of the concept of Foster Care for children awaiting adoption as we believe that a child requires family care from birth

The government has introduced changes in the adoption process in India. Since 2015, all adoptions in the country are centralized by CARA, a statutory body of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, N. Delhi through a computerized portal called CARINGS. Families are required to register online and then connect with an agency for the processing of their documents. FSC conducts Home Study Reports, HSRs and post adoption follow-ups as per CARA guidelines The Juvenile Justice Act 2015 that legalises Adoptions, has also laid down procedures and standards for care and protection of children in need as well as for the functioning of Child Care Institutions, [CCI] and Specialised Adoption Agencies, [SAA].
is a family-based alternative care service for children deprived of a family and is for a temporary period. At FSC, we strongly believe that a child grows best while within a family setup, hence our children awaiting adoption are cared for by individual foster families till they are placed in a permanent home. Regular supervision visits are conducted by the social workers to monitor the progress of the children while in foster care.


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