One of the early interventions of Family Service Centre, the Educational Sponsorship Program initiated in 1962, aims to rehabilitate the family by provides an opportunity for children to access primary, secondary and attain a college degree if they so desire and show the potential. Diligent and deserving students with average or fairly good performance are assisted financially under this scheme, through the goodwill of sponsors

The sponsorship programme provides financial support to families to meet educational, medical, nutritional and other needs of the children with a view to improving their quality of life. The social worker plays an important role by being in constant touch with the students and their families. Apart from financial assistance, extensive and in-depth efforts are put in by them using various tools of social work – individual counselling, group sessions, school and home visits, recreational and educational activities and so on thereby paving a path for holistic development of the child.

Further, the goal is not to solve their problems but to empower them with knowledge and skills as tools to come out of difficulties. This is envisaged by empowering the child to develop skills through vocational training after formal schooling so as to see an independent working adult emerging out of dire circumstances.

We are happy to note that through the program, an increased number of students are pursuing higher education and there is a marked decrease in the dropout rate among sponsored children, especially girls. We take this opportunity to thank our numerous sponsors who have helped us in this endeavour and welcome additional assistance in promoting and thus a further growth in the sponsorship program.

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